On February 28th  2016, a framework cooperation agreement between the NATIONAL SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY DEVELOPMENT AGENCY (NSTDA) and FORSCHUNGSZENTRUM JÜLICH GmbH (FZJ) was signed during the Bioeconomy conference (more) in Bangkok

The cooperation agreement concerning joint research activities (ThaIBG-2) was signed by Dr. Thaweesak Koanantakool (president of NSTDA) and Prof. Dr.  Ulrich Schurr (Jülich Plant Sciences). It was witnessed by Ms. Suwipa Wanasathop (Vice President Business Development of NSTDA) and his Excellency Ambassador Peter Prügel (Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany).


ThaIBG-2 aims at initiating, enhancing and stabilizing scientific cooperation between NSTDA and Forschungszentrum Jülich

Research projects shall be developed in the following areas of interest:

Theme 1- Plant Phenotyping Technologies – development and application

Theme 2- Sustainable Bioeconomy

For further information contact:

Dr Tobias Wojciechowski

Forschungszentrum Juelich - Institut fuer Bio- und Geowissenschaften (Pflanzenwissenschaften)


52428 Juelich


+49 (0)2461 61-96383

Projects under ThaIBG-2

01.05.2017 - 30.05.2018


Plant phenomics is still lagging behind compared with genomics. Significant efforts were initiated in Europe and worldwide leading to the establishment of scientific networks aiming at developing and sharing novel infrastructure for controlled environment and field research. However, initial costs for the development and implementation of non-invasive imaging and tomographic phenotyping methodologies remain high. Several stakeholders, namely plant breeders (public and private domains) and farmers often cannot directly benefit from research outcomes in this field.

01.01.2017 - 31.12.2019


Utilization of genetic and phenotypic variation of storage root development of Cassava (Manihot esculenta Crantz) to improve an important bio-economy crop. The CASSAVASTORe project aims to increase products derived from cassava starch through a better understanding of storage root development, and subsequently, new cassava varieties......



ThaIBG-2 is a cooperation agreement between NSTDA and FZJ